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EMC Frontline’s rapid action response to NYC's free abortion pills!

NYC Department of Health contracts with Big Pharma for free abortion pills!

On Thursday, my wife Eileen and I travelled to DC for the March for Life, as I have done every year since 1980, and that very day NYC started a “free” (NYC paid), abortion-pill giveaway near our 28-year-old South Bronx pregnancy health center!

The New York Post reports that “city-run health clinics will soon be able to provide ‘medical abortions’ with pills to terminate a pregnancy.”

The city’s Department of Health and Mental Health, stated in a legal notice that it will enter into a “sole source” contract with a pharmaceutical company to buy mifepristone tablets, the abortion pill. Mifepristone is used with another pill, misoprostol, to abort a baby within the first 11 weeks of gestation.

Free, dangerous abortion pills on the taxpayers’ dime, with no required doctor consult or ultrasound. INSANE!

The reason? To “mitigate the threat to public health posed by the recent Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.”

What?! NYC’s Department of Health promotes abortion and its anti-life agenda to protect us from the “threat to public health” by the Supreme Court?

My immediate response is to add 2 new nurses for in-office work, 3 new nurses for Telemed off-site work, expand ultrasound hours, add additional advertising, AND create a new streetforce with good counselling skills and literature to steer away women being lured and enticed into the four NYC run “clinic” killing sites.

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