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Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on how abortion endangers women:

Honest men and women know that abortion kills, but what about the dangers to women who elect to have one?

Last month, the CEO of Planned  Parenthood Advocates of Ohio argued that “abortion is one of the safest  medical procedures.” Not for the child it isn’t, but that was not her  point: Iris Harvey was talking about women who undergo an abortion.

On January 16, the far-left wing  website, rewire.com (it is cheering the end of the “anti-Christ,”  meaning President Trump) called abortion “extremely safe,” maintaining  that it “does not cause mental or physical health problems.”

The truth of the matter can be found by  listening to what doctors who work in the Emergency Room have to say  about abortion, not by swallowing the moonshine of pro-abortion  activists.

Last year, I was contacted by Dr. W.  Matt Zban, a well-respected emergency room physician from Charlotte,  North Carolina. He relayed some disturbing news about his encounter with  women who have had an abortion. Here is his first missive.

“I am an emergency room physician and  see complications of abortion several times a year. Endometritis  (uterine infection), sepsis (blood stream infection), pelvic pain, heavy  vaginal bleeding, and death are all complications of legal abortion.  Occasionally hysterectomies have to be performed following these  complications.”

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Parenting in the Image of God

Tribulation Times

January 18, 2019

(Eph 5:31-33) For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother: and shall cleave to his wife. And they shall be two in one flesh. This is a great sacrament: but I speak in Christ and in the church. Nevertheless, let every one of you in particular love for his wife as himself: And let the wife fear her husband.

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REGINA PROPHETARUM AUDIO HOMILY: Humble Hearts of Families Change the Order of Things


St. Ephrem speaking about Our Lady, said: “The Belly [i.e., the womb] of Thy Mother changed the order of things, O Thou that orderest all! The rich went in, He came out poor: the High One went in, He came out lowly. Brightness went into her and clothed Himself, and came forth a despised form” (Hymns on the Nativity, VIII). The same doctor and father gives many other examples of how the womb of Our Lady, the Heart of the Holy Family, changed the order of things.

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The Crucifix on Apparition Hill
(c) Mateo Ivankovic 2017

January 18, 2019

Dear Family of Mary!

"...My children, apostles of my love, I am teaching you that my Son is not only asking for continuous prayers, but also for works and feelings - that you believe, that you pray, that with your personal prayers you grow in faith, that you grow in love. To love each other is what He asks for - that is the way to eternal life. My children, do not forget that my Son brought the light to this world, and He brought it to those who wanted to see it and receive it. You be those, because this is the light of truth, peace and love..." (January 2, 2019)

Jesus asks us for things. He sees us, knows us, and asks us for things. Our Lady said he asks for continuous prayer, for works and feeling [of love], for our belief in Him, prayer to Him, and that we grow in faith and love. Jesus calls us to change and grow, according to Our Lady.

Reuben sent this lovely response to Our Lady's message which shows how very right Our Lady is!! Reuben wrote:

From reading the Gospels,
I see the eyes of Jesus.They follow me.

They are so powerful, serene and penetrating.I understand that they see souls entirely:both as they are in their woundedness,and as they could be when transformed in His love.It is this look which converts the apostles so immediately.

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My Son brought the light to this world!
(c) Anthony Zubac 2018

January 17, 2019
St. Anthony, Abbot

Dear Family of Mary!

"...My children, do not forget that my Son brought the light to this world, and He brought it to those who wanted to see it and receive it. You be those, because this is the light of truth, peace and love..." (January 2, 2019)

I want to step aside and let two of our shipmates share their thoughts on Jesus as the light of this world, Ginna from Ohio will share today, and Reuben from Wales will share tomorrow! They each see another facet to Our Lady's message. I suspect there are as many facets to her words as there are shipmates!! That is the incredible fertility of Our Lady's words. Enjoy!!   Ginna wrote:

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