November 4th, 2019

Mary TV: November 5, 2019 Reflection - The Face of my Son

  (c)Mary TV / Anthony Zubac 2019  
November 5, 2019 Dear Family of Mary!   

"The Heavenly Father gave Himself through a  human face, and this face is the face of my Son. You, apostles of my  love, you should always carry the face of my Son in your hearts and your  thoughts. You should always think of His love and His sacrifice. You  should pray to always feel His presence, because, apostles of my love,  that is the way for you to help all those who do not know my Son, who  have not come to know His love...." (November 2, 2019)  

  Our Lady said these words to us on Saturday, Nov. 2. And on  Sunday, Nov. 3, Fr. Leon gave this most exquisite homily for English  Mass in Medjugorje. (Stephanie, our shipmate again generously  transcribed it for us. Thank you, Stephanie!!) In the Gospel, Zacchaeus  wanted to see Jesus! He wanted to see Jesus' face. And so, he climbed a  tree. And his life was never the same again. Our Lady wants us to see  the face of Jesus, her Son, and be changed irrevocably.

Here is Fr. Leon's homily:

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