ALL's Pro-Life This Week 6/18/2021



                                                              Featured Commentary                                               

      Canceling God 

While it is clear that many today believe they have the power to cancel God, the truth is that canceling God is impossible!

What isn’t impossible, and in fact happens with greater frequency every day, is defiance of God’s law (also known as the natural law) with an arrogance that defies logic.


                                                 Week in Review                                                     

With pro-lifers having some success passing state bills that impose state-specific regulations on abortionists, the abortion industry introduced a bill in Congress to force states to allow abortion on demand. See details ...

                                                       ALL in the News                                                                                  The most recent STOPP Report was released this past Wednesday. The headline article details STOPP’s most recent event in California. The attendance at the events was through the roof, reenergizing the fight against Planned Parenthood in California.                                

                                                       Pro-Life Social Media                                                     

If you were an abortion advocate, wouldn’t the question of the preborn child’s humanity—or lack thereof—be a simple one to answer? Not if you’re pretend-Catholic Nancy Pelosi.

                                                       Video of the Week                                                     

Last weekend, several hundred men gathered for the first Men’s March in DC

                                                       Action Item of the Week                                                     

This Sunday is a time set aside to thank our heavenly Father and those He put in place to be our earthly fathers—a time to celebrate, remember and to pray. Here are two prayers we encourage you to make use of during this time of remembrance...


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